Monday, September 22, 2008


I thought of starting this blog during a worship service at a Willow. I can't remember what the title of the sermon was, nor what was the theme. But I remember Nancy Beach telling us to say Wow, whenever we thought about God's creation, and His presence.

It doesn't matter what she actually said that day, but I remember vividly my soul was like awaken by a giant loud alarm clock. After going to Willow Creek church few years back, I have lived a 'comfortable" Christian live. Or should I said a life more resembles a Church going non-believer.

It was her word that shook me, as if God wanted to wake me up, from a long nap that I have taken.

So, I think "Awaken" is very appropriate for his place to remind me I should not fall into sleep again, merely living a life that does not inconvenience me what so ever is certainly not the way God has planned for me.