Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How do you cope with lost?

There are probably hundreds of books out there, written by Phds, theologians, all kind of scholars, but you can never take away the sadness of losing something, someone precious to you.

I think God knows exactly how we feel, for we were all once His lost children, and many of us still.

It shows how vulnerable we are on this Earth, and how complex we are a created being.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I think sorrow started hitting me as I started to come out of denial. I talked to my sister earlier and she said she is so sad hearing the news. She was here in March but did not make the attempt to visit her. I remember her mentioning to me that she would find time to visit her at her house.

My wife also started telling me how sad she is.

Departure is so hard. Separation is so hurtful. We are creatures meant to be connected, and once we did, and when it's broken, it's so unbearable.

Good bye and see you again one day.

This morning my wife told me of the news I wish I won't receive. My friend's beloved mother has passed away in her sleep.

In my dream this morning, their whole family was living in my house, and the mother had just passed away. I went into the room where she was rested, and her younger grand daughter was playing. The was a blanket covering her whole body and face. However when I approached her, I saw she started moving. And when I go closer, she just came back to life as she just woke up from a sleep. I started yelling at her family members who were in somewhere else in the house, and they started coming in.

She didn't just woke up, but sat up and started talking like all the illness were gone. We all were so happy that miracles had happened and God not just healed her, but actually brought her back from death.

Now I know it's not just another dream. She has been resurrected with Christ and continue in her eternal life with a new and healthy body. Her old body may rest in peace, but her soul sure lives on without suffering, and full of life.