Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Today everything is all about the Royal Wedding. We don't label a wedding the wedding, and certainly not any royal wedding The Royal Wedding, except this one, which has been anticipated for years. There are still people out there who thing this is blown out of proportion, and refuse to acknowledge they have paid any attention to it in days or weeks leading up to this.

All the search engine, social sites, blogs and news site revolve around this subject, around the couple, around the Royal family, and even the dress designer, cake designer, song writer.

The city of London must have received tourism income on this week, perhaps more than they can generate in multiple months.

It is huge and it has proven to be an event that touches almost everybody who has access to TV, internet, radio or news paper.

I am happy for them. It seems only yesterday that Princess Diana was still holding the little baby William. I remember the image on the stamps I have collected. I seems to be not long ago we saw the teenage William in his mother's funeral, thanking all the people who has come to pay tribute to his mother. Since then, I have never follow any news ahout him, but frequently see his pictures and headlines on tabloids at check out counters of grocery stores. All of a sudden, he has graduate from university, dated, engaged and announced his wedding date. He really has grew up too fast.

This is a special day, a day we want to remember what we were doing. There are many who lost their live in Tornado in the state of Alabama. This was going to be the day the space shuttle is launched for the last time, but it got postponed. But the wedding has give us a reference point in our live. 30 years ago, it was a special day. And 30 years from now, if I am still alive, I will remember what I saw on TV, through the whole night until I eventually felt into sleep at dawn. I will remember Anderson Cooper. Piers Morgan, Cat Deeley, and others; David Beckham in his nicest hair style and outfit, and many others. Everything that happens in London today triumphed the controversy on Wednesday in Madrid. I have only been to London once but I felt familiar.

Kate and William, thanks for this day and I wish you a eternal and happy marriage.