Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Naperville Carillon

Today I dragged my wife out for a walk at Naperville Riverwalk. Since the Sun was setting, I chose to park at the the first parking lot we reached, which was the one closest to the Carillon (the bell tower). We saw some people in the tower existing, and seems like they were just given a tour. So I decided to get close and eventually found out they were giving tours to go up. For $2 a person, we were taken up to the midway point by elevator, and then walked up stairs to the very top.

I was amazed by the facts the young tour guide gave us. This is one of the only ten grand carillon in the world. A grand carillon means it has six octaves of bells. And there are only four of them in North America. (I will check out the facts some times).

Thought it was just a short moments, I feel it's a unexpected treat that we get to go up there today. We were able to see all around us, and can even see the light from Chicago.

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