Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Two days ago, I received an email from a good friend, whoes family I have spend many years with after moving to Chicagoland. I have not visited them for some times and only communicated through email a few times. Unfortunately the email was to convey a sad message about the mother of my friend diagnosed with stomach cancer. I am deeply sadden by the news and I still don't know how to response. Suddenly I felt like if my close relatives, especially the older ones are going to leave me very soon. I thought about my own mother, my grand mother who was trying to say the last good bye to me when I visited her last year.

Life on Earth is indeed short. If there is eternity, why are we allowed only such a short time on Earth? Why do we have to go through the grief of parting with our love ones?

I want my friend's mom to be well again. I can only pray and hope, and hope many many more pray along with me...

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